Online Art for Wellbeing

Live weekly Zoom sessions Friday 5pm 31/7-28/8

The idea is that participants will learn observational skills and begin the process of creating their own images.

It will involve drawing, painting, collage, using found materials, collecting objects and taking photos around the home or outside.

Participants can use any art materials they already have. If they don’t have drawing paper, charcoal, paints etc, you can use pens and A4 printing paper, inside of envelopes or cereal packaging. Even diluted coffee makes good painting medium.

There will be some drawing exercises each week. Again, these can be done with art materials or just A4 printing paper and a pencil/biro.

Each week we’ll explore a different aspect of creating pictures. These sessions offer the chance to try out new things, revive forgotten skills, develop new techniques and provide a springboard for creating artwork.

Preparation: Choose your window.
Materials: pencils, pens, biro, felt tip. A4 printing paper, drawing paper, envelopes or cardboard. Something to lean on the draw: table top, tray or board.
Aim: an introduction into observational drawing.
The frame of the window makes a perfect picture frame. Start with a line, so a pencil or pen on a piece of paper and draw a continuous line without taking the pen off the page and keep looking as much as possible at the subject.
Preparation: Collect papers, magazines, photos, menus, envelopes, anything that has a printed image or text on.
Materials: scissors and glue.
Aim: to have a bit of fun.
Create a surreal scene from your collected images. Make is as magical, dreamlike or surreal as you like. Think about the composition and playing with scale.
Preparation: Find an image to recreate (top tip: keep it simple)
Materials: clothing, fabric, coloured paper and card.
Aim: looking at what makes a composition, colour, shape, line and tone.
Make a work of art with your clothes and fabrics, paper and card! Choose a painting or sculpture and recreate it using found materials.
Preparation: Find an object or objects that are you favourite things or say something about you.
Materials: Choose your medium, either drawing or painting, collage or photography.
Aim: to look at familiar objects in a new light.
Arrange them in a still life and draw, paint or collage an image of them. Or it could be more of a collection of objects and arrange them in a grid.
Create a self-portrait.
Materials: Choose your medium, either drawing, painting or collage.
Aim: to explore what elements makes a portrait
 Draw a self-portrait either your ZOOM image or in a mirror

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Janet Ayers

Janet Ayers studied Art, Photography, Art History and Theatre Studies at school. After her Foundation course at West London College she went onto Portsmouth Art College where she gained an BA(hons) in Illustration. After graduation she began a career in Arts Administration and Publishing. When she moved back to Portsmouth in 2002 that's when her community music career took off and the art stuff was put on hold. Printmaking was a way back in for Janet to re-awaken her passion for art, attending courses at the Badger Press, Red Hot Press and Omega Printmakers. She has exhibited with the Society of Woodengravers (as a student entry) and also with Omega Printmakers. Many of you may know Janet for her Community Choir and singing for wellbeing work, circle dance groups and as a performer. Portsmouth University has recognised her contribution to the local creative music community by awarding her an honorary degree (rescheduled for May 2021) . Since lockdown she's been able to carry on some of her singing work online, but not all. So as one door closes for a while, Janet is taking this opportunity to get back into drawing, painting and creating and would like you to join in too.

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Funding for this series of the Mental Wealth Academy

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