With CCT, you are assured that ‘Your Safety is our Priority’. 

Our training packages are designed to ensure that your staff gets the latest information on terms of legislation and techniques that enable them to fulfil their roles safely and competently.

CCT is a Uk based Accredited Training Company. It delivers training programmes which fulfils Core Skills Training Framework (CQC), Nice and CQC current guidelines. Trainers are highly experienced and training programs are solution focused, flexible and organisation centred

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About your training

  • What is Safeguarding

  • Understanding the core principles and legislation around safeguarding adults and children

  • Contributing factors of adult and child abuse 

  • Types of adult and child abuses

  • Symptoms of abuse

  • Dealing with a safeguarding concern and the investigation process

  • Well known published and investigated cases of abuse, findings and recommendations in the UK 

  • Understanding the Mental Capacity Assessment (MCA:2005) as a published piece of legislation to empower and advocate for all vulnerable people in their best interest 

  • Understanding the definition of ‘Whistle Blowing’ and its core principles in safeguarding vulnerable people , employees and the wider public 

  • Governmental key policies and guidelines on safeguarding vulnerable people

Specialist Health Care Training Providers

Compassion Care Training

Lead Trainer

Pedzi Matare

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