Your security is our priority.

Please find the details of our data handling and your rights

By registering a user account you are agreeing to the following handling of your data This includes: - enrolling on a course. - buying a digital download. - signing in to a free event or group
Data you submit using our chat page facility 'communities' or as an 'assignment' will be stored on Creative Learning Academy (thinkific) website. Assignments are only seen by your course tutor and admin of Creative Learning Academy. Chat posts and comments are seen by all users in that community. All chat posts can be removed by you or if you ask for your user profile to be removed. Do not submit any information about yourself that is particularly sensitive or potentially damaging. You are in full control over what you submit, please be aware of your personal safety when sharing information about yourself.
The Creative Learning Academy as standard will send out a weekly email if there are items you have not marked as complete, or been added to a course you are enrolled in. In addition you will be notified if another member comments on your post in a chat room ‘community’. You can switch these off finding the settings on your ‘dashboard’. Thinkific, the platform hosting company may see information held on the Creative Learning Academy for the purposes of technical support, however they do not collect any data nor use any data you have submitted to us. Thinkific are a Canadian company which is a listed safe for EU data transfers and complies with GDPR.

We believe your privacy is of the utmost importance.  In addition to complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the UK Data Protection Act 2018, we also ensure all communication is secure by using end-to-end encryption.

For all our video meeting calls we use Zoom a GDPR compliant platform with full end-to-end encryption.  This means that everything you say during a session is kept secure and confidential between you and the person (or persons in group calls) you’re talking to. In addition, we guarantee no recording of any of our meetings, we recognise that privacy is extremely important to you and an essential part of our service.

You can view zoom’s privacy policy here

Our email service is based on ProtonMail which provides end-to-end encryption, which means no third party can read your emails and no IP logs that could be linked to your account are kept.
Encryption is the process of encoding data, making it unintelligible and scrambled to anyone snooping or monitoring data traffic.

We might send you forms to complete and send back to us using Adobe. Any forms sent through Adobe are encrypted and secured by ProtonMail in addition to Adobe’s own security compliance.

Further information on ProtonMail can be found at

Further information on Adobe can be found at

Our administrative booking system uses the ScheduleOnce platform.  A fully compliant system to GDPR, HIPPA and listed on the EU Privacy Sheld

Further details on and data security
ScheduleOnce can be found at

Please be assured that here at Creative Mental Health we take good care of your personal data and sensitive information. Your security is our priority.

For full details on our Data Security Policy click here